Maxtor Frisk - Mr. Model International 2016

Maxtor Frisk – Mr. Model International 2016

MMI2016 Winner AriannaJasmine

AriannaJasmine – Miss Model International 2016

Congratulations Maxtor Frisk and AriannaJasmine, Winners of the Mr. & Miss Model International 2016 Competition. Maxtor and Arianna came out on top and was crowned by MMI Owner & CEO Ava Jhamin in what was a very emotional Final event on February 27th.

What an amazing journey! The contestants worked hard and fought hard – from the initial walk, the baroque avant garde challenge, the trunk challenge, the famous pose off, the couples challenge, and the surprise challenge, to the final challenges (Mad Max, Swimwear and Formalwear). It was a very memorable, learning experience for everyone involved.

Maxtor Frisk - Mad Max

Maxtor Frisk – Mad Max

AriannaJasmine - Mad Max

AriannaJasmine – Mad Max

For the Final event the contestants showed off their battle scars in the Mad Max challenge to start things off, delivering impeccable style as each showcased their Mad Max-inspired costumes. The set transported the audience into a Mad Max movie scene that had battered vehicles, piles of old tires, downed wires and desert shrubs littered everywhere. Host Falbala Fairey set the scene for what was truly a battle to the end.

Daneen Sands - Swimwear

Daneen Sands – Swimwear

Trinity Aironaut - Swimwear

Trinity Aironaut – Swimwear

Guests were then teleported to the beach where the contestants showcased their sexy beachwear. Eyes were guided over the waves to the center of the ocean’s stage where one by one the contestants seemed to walk on water as they posed and performed for the judges and the audience. Things got pretty hot, and some might say pretty scary watching each contestant carefully balance themselves to avoid falling into the killer whale’s domain.

OnlyGenesis - Formal

OnlyGenesis – Formal

VanessaDelRio Underwood

VanessaDelRio Underwood – Formal

After the sun and fun on the beach, everyone joined the contestants in a beautifully decorated garden for the final walk of the event. There the contestants brought elegance to a whole new level as they paraded through the garden in their Tres Beau Formalwear. It’s safe to say that it was a bitter sweet moment for each of them as they looked back on their journey – the friends they made, the things they learned and…an experience that was like no other.

Brice Meda - Formal

Brice Meda – Formal

While everyone waited Kaleb Avedon entertained us with his super sultry voice and songs of love. Falbala continued the entertainment with soothing music and games before the results came in. MMI 2015 winners Adonis Hansome and Lady Falina Katze-Elmer (FalinaKatze) graced the stage to offer thank you’s, well wishes and some advice to the contestants. It was a touching moment and one of lasting memories for both as they prepared to pass the reigns on to the new winners.

Finally the results were in and Ava Jhamin enthusiastically read each name starting with the MALE contestants:

1st Runner Up – Brice Meda
WINNER Mr. Model International 2016 – Maxtor Frisk

Then it was time to reveal the FEMALE standing:

4th Runner Up – Genesis Moralez
3rd Runner Up – Daneen Sands
2nd Runner Up – VanessaDelRio Underwood
1st Runner up – Trinity Aironaut
WINNER Miss Model International 2016 – AriannaJasmine

Ava Jhamin, MMI Owner & CEO

Ava Jhamin, MMI Owner & CEO

MMI Final

See more photos on the MMI Flickr, and watch the MMI Final Video by DebbieDoo Tigerfish.

The Competition could not have been possible without the combined efforts of the following MMI TEAM members:

Ava Jhamin, MMI Owner & CEO
Cyberdawg Foxclaw, Accounting and right hand to Ava
Bai NightFire, Assistant to Ava Jhamin & COO of MMI 2016
Zee Zee Xaris and Paris Evermore, Model Directors
Adonis Hansome – Mr. Model International 2015 and MMI Board Member
Lady Falina Katze-Elmer – Miss Model International 2015 and MMI Board Member
DebbieDoo Tigerfish, Videographer and Photographer
Suki Rexen, Photographer
Jena Adder, L’Amour Productions Brand Manager
Lira Savira, Official Photographer for final 7 and winners

A sincere thank you to all of the sponsors, designers, judges, and those who worked tirelessly to make MMI 2016 a success.

See you all next season!

Photos by Jena Adder and Lira Savira. See more photos here.