LAmourUni building

L’Amour University of Fashion has a vision of being a unique, professional and high-end Modeling University and Production Company, serving all the needs of students, Designers, and businesses across the grid. L’Amour University will constantly be looking and gathering all the latest tools and resources to pass on to our students, this way insuring that their schooling includes all new information to be had.

L’Amour University of Fashion has a mission to develop each student to become the best they can be in the SL world of modeling. We will provide each student with the the proper skills, resources and knowledge needed to enter the competitive world of SL modeling and much more. L’Amour students will graduate with the necessary skills to manage, coach and be self-sufficient and self-reliable as part of any group being artistic and/or managerial. We expect them to go out into the modeling world upholding all that this school stands for. Expectations for them is to give 100% commitment, be honest, ethical, supportive, and to put forth their very best when representing our brand.

We offer comprehensive programs with intuitive courses that are designed to accelerate the learning process with the guidance of a professional team of experts, who will work together to ensure that each student receives a well-rounded, thorough, and meaningful education. We will always be there for each and every student. This is a lifelong commitment not just through their course work with L’Amour, but as a supportive hand during their career.

More then six years of runway and modeling experience with all of our professors. The proof is in what the students are out there doing.