L'Amour Diversity Magazine

L’Amour Diversity Magazine celebrates uniqueness not trends in Second Life.

Established in August 2015, the goal of Diversity Magazine is to highlight the diversity and creativity of those who make up the magical world of Second Life, and feature stories about designers, models, entertainers, role play enthusiasts, business owners and others who impact the world they work, live and play in. L’Amour CEO and Publisher/Editor In Chief of Diversity Magazine, Ava Jhamin, believes strongly in giving a voice to those who want to tell their story—be it one of controversy, humanity, charity, personal battles, afflictions or stories of joy and accomplishment. If it needs to be said, L’Amour Diversity Magazine is the place to say it. Read the latest issue.

L’Amour Productions is also pleased to partner with CHOP ZUEY JEWELLERY for an exciting PHOTO CONTEST that gives models a chance to appear in Diversity Magazine. Read more.