The April 2017 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and features…

  • MMI 2017 by Ava Jhamin who gives us final results, plus the final 7 contestants speak.
  • Step into an Italian Paradise with Del Renee Villas an Interview with Nae Watanabe-Renee (SanaaRenee) and his wife Genesis Moralez-Renee
  • See How Fun Fetish Wear Can be with the Models of L’Amour
  • Get an Upclose and Personal Look at the SL Parade an Interview with ReRe Sandalwood Ava Jhamin reports
  • A Look at the History of Boho Fashion with Sita Writer
  • The story of Olyvia DeCuir and her history on SL
  • Elysium Cabaret Go behind the scenes of the Elysium Cabaret with an Interview of Paul Woodrunner.
  • Check out the winners of the 36th & 37th PAZZO Styling Challenge …and so much more.