The Mr. & Miss Model International 2017 held its 1st Semi-final Competition for contestants on February 25th. It was a setting fit for a party to end all parties. The venue paid tribute to Prince with eccentric posters and symbols that the legend was best known for. It had a two-level concert stage, musical instruments and a very colorful host, Ava Jhamin. The theme “Party Like It’s 1999” challenged contestants to tell their story of what those famous words meant to them.


Whether you were of that era or not, it’s safe to say everyone knew what Prince meant by his memorable lyrics, and the contestants did a fantastic job interpreting that into their own styling. After the show, everyone was treated to a rockin party with DJ Sagia┬áthat went far into the evening.

Good luck to all of the contestants! We’re excited to see what you will bring to the next competition on March 4th.

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