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Mr. & Miss Model International 2018

Mr. & Miss Model International 2018 is well under way with contestants competing to impress the judges and public with their incredible and unique styling abilities to win the coveted title of Mr. or Miss Model International 2018. Several challenges have already...

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Diversity Magazine June 2017

The June 2017 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and we’re headed into summer with style. Hilly Haalan tells us her story. RFL and Home & Garden was a huge success! Legs, Legs, Legs & Legendaire for Summer 2017 Resmay Bloodstorm-Coba takes us inside Romance &...

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Diversity Magazine Apr 2017

The April 2017 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and features... MMI 2017 by Ava Jhamin who gives us final results, plus the final 7 contestants speak. Step into an Italian Paradise with Del Renee Villas an Interview with Nae Watanabe-Renee (SanaaRenee) and...

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MMI 2017 – 2nd Semi-Final

The contestants once again met in the Second Semi-final for MMI 2017. The field was narrowed to Top Five Female and Top Two Males. The Surprise Challenge was just that – a Surprise where the contestants came to the meeting room and got the styling, how many poses they...

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Feb 2017 Diversity Magazine

The February 2017 issue of L’Amour Diversity Magazine is out and we’re spreading the Love. Check it out! MMI is Off and Running and Ava Jhamin gives us an update. Owner of Moolto and Posh Pixels, VampirePam shares her story. Rienna Rieko Thorne brings us four love...

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Diversity Magazine Anniversary

The August 2016 Anniversary issue of Diversity Magazine is out! Check it out, share and comment. This Anniversary issue features: Jamee Sandalwood talks Rock Your Rack (Spotlight); Back to School Pictorial (Special Feature); WrenNoir Cerise and GoodCross explains “I...

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MMI 2016 Results

Congratulations Maxtor Frisk and AriannaJasmine, Winners of the Mr. & Miss Model International 2016 Competition. Maxtor and Arianna came out on top and was crowned by MMI Owner & CEO Ava Jhamin in what was a very emotional Final event on February 27th. What an amazing...

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MMI Couples Challenge

Congratulations OnlyGenesis and Catalysis, winners of the MMI Hollywood Power Couples Challenge on January 30. The winning couple portrayed Beyoncé and Jay Z with their surprising transformations and powerful performance. It was tough to judge the amazing stylings by...

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MMI Trunk Challenge

Congratulations Trinity Aironaut, winner of the MMI Trunk Challenge on January 23. Contestants were charged with creating a look from a trunk of clothing and jewelry provided by Prism Designs and Glint Jewelry. This was also a picture challenge where each had to take...

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